Video: Volunteer force provides 1000 meals to expats to break fast

Home & Away Tuesday 14/May/2019 13:55 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: Since the first day of Ramadan, a voluntary team has managed to distribute 1400 breakfast meals in Muscat governorate. Around 1000 expat workers also took part in a gathering organized by the team on Monday and broke their fast at Al Amerat.

The initiative named "Fahaddath", is well known for their activity during the month of Ramadan, of distributing breakfast meals to pedestrians and motorists before Adhan Al Maghrib and for organizing a group breakfast regularly.
The be'ah company also participated in the initiative in order to create awareness among people to reduce the waste of food and cut down on the use of plastic cans.

An official from be'ah company said, "In collaboration with "Fahaddath", we organized a collective breakfast for cleaners at their workplace in wilayat of Boucher. We were happy to serve them one day as they work all year long to clean our environment."

Shakir Al Raisi, a member of the Fahaddath initiative said, "During Ramadan, we will organize three breakfasts for expats workers, a mass breakfast at Sultan Qaboos University for 1000 students, and we will distribute breakfast meals to pedestrians and car passengers in Matrah."
The team has about 860 volunteers working on the initiative this year and the door is open for everyone to participate.

Shakir Al Raisi said, "Before any event, we announce the opening of registrations for volunteering to participate in the activities of the initiative through social media platforms. The volunteers are divided into groups and tasks are distributed.”
"We are pleased with parents' interest in the initiative's timing so that their children can participate. The number of volunteers increases every year and their enthusiasm and constant questions about the events continues to drive us.”

Al Raisi added, "The smile, the words of thanks and the delight of passers-by when they receive the meals and the looks of satisfaction on their face are the best returns we get from the initiative."