Here's how much rainfall has been recorded so far

Oman Sunday 14/April/2019 11:39 AM
By: Times News Service
Here's how much rainfall has been recorded so far
Muscat: More than 750 mm of rainfall has been recording from 37 monitoring stations belong to the Public Authority for Civil Aviation in the past 24 hours.

According to PACA, Izki recorded the most amount, with 52.6 mm of rainfall, while the station in Muscat recorded 29.0 mm of rain, officials from Oman Meteorology have announced.

Wilayat Saiq recorded 52.2 mm of rainfall followed by Nizwa with 46 mm and Dibba with 42.8 mm.

Since last night, various parts of the Sultanate have been affected by heavy rains, leading to an overflow of wadis. The Royal Oman Police has announced the names of the wadis.

"Wadi Halfeen in Izki, Wadi Tanya in Nizwa are currently overflowing, as well as most of the wadis in Jabal Al Akhdhar," the police said.

Wadi Al Teeb, Wadi Bani Ghafer, Wadi Hani, Wadi Bani Ouf, Wadi Al Sahtan, in Rustaq - Southern Al Batinah have also overflowed.

Wadi Al Khoudh, Wadi Al Ais, and Wadi Ghoul In Al Hamra. Additionally, Wadi Kihla, Wadi Muqabra, and Wadi Al Mahyoul are affected too.

Many of the overflows have lead to the disruption of traffic flow on many roads.