One stop shop Invest Easy system now provides 80 diverse e-services

Energy Wednesday 20/March/2019 23:05 PM
By: Times News Service
One stop shop Invest Easy system now provides 80 diverse e-services

Muscat: Around 80 electronic services which simplify licensing procedures for investors are to be provided by the Invest Easy system, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced.
The system brings together more than 30 government agencies in the field of data, facilitating the exchange of information between parties and includes a service for investors to check that a company exists and is legally compliant.
Humaid Al Barashdi, Investigator of Investor Affairs at the Commercial Register Secretariat at MOCI said : “Invest Easy aims to provide the business community with a single entry window to fully and quickly interact with the government, reducing paperwork, saving money, effort and time as well as completing registration procedures and licensing activities electronically” The system is a reliable and secure environment for business transactions and provides efficient self-service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
It links 8 main government entities: the Ministry of Commerce and Industry; the Ministry of Manpower; the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs; the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries;, the Ministry of Transport and Communications; the Ministry of Tourism; the Economic Zone Authority and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.
Al Barshadi said: “ The Invest Easy portal offers services to investors through many channels, such as self-service as well as support centres, law offices and audit offices.”
The system offers a license simulator service that provides the investor with the details of the licensing procedures for any business he wishes to become involved in, such as the time taken, fees, approvals and other requirements.
Business Administration
Business Administration services assist users in presenting all commercial registration data and submitting applications as well as renewing the Commercial Register, presenting labour force data, following up on applications and submitting and presenting licenses for activities among others. The investor may use the portal to appoint an electronic delegate to carry out his business instructions, with the level and powers of the delegate being determined beforehand. “The portal also contains business information services that help investors access various information about the companies they deal with, such as the business records search service, to ensure the existence of the organization or the company, and the status of any violations reported to government entities” added al Barshadi.
The “Closure of Business” section of the portal offers services such as the liquidation of the company or the service of cancellation of the Commercial Register.
In addition, the portal contains “supplementary services” that currently help the beneficiary to access various services of the business environment.
The portal also includes an interactive Performance Measurement screen that shows the number of transactions completed, the average time spent, the delayed transactions, the number of transactions performed by the employee and the time taken.
The system also provides statistics on transactions provided through the Self-certification centres, law offices, audit offices, as well as statistics on investors from outside the Sultanate, their nationality and capital.