Netizens respond to global 'TrashTag' challenge

Books Wednesday 20/March/2019 12:32 PM
By: Times News Service
Netizens respond to global 'TrashTag' challenge

Muscat: Netizens around the world are responding to a social media craze challenging them to clean up garbage in their neighborhoods, beaches and other public spaces.

As part of the 'TrashTag' challenge, social media users have to take a photo of an area that needs cleaning or maintenance and then take another photo one after they have done something about it. The initiative, which started in Algeria, has since gone viral with NGOs and government agencies joining in.

In the US, the Washington State Department of Ecology has even offered teenagers cash for taking up the challenge. The department is offering teens who Trashtag as part of the Ecology Youth Corps $12 per hour and up to 32 hours of work per week.

The challenge has been praised by social media users, with many calling innovative and a great way to raise awareness on the issue of litter and recycling. Greenpeace USA called it "probably the best thing to happen in 2019!"

The World Scouting movement has called on scouts to take up the challenge. Major global companies have also gotten involved. A team from Air New Zealand picked up 18,615 items of trash on Rangitoto Island, the airline announced.