Government Communication Centre meets to review strategy project

Energy Monday 25/February/2019 21:43 PM
By: Times News Service
Government Communication Centre meets to review strategy project

Muscat: The Governmental Communication Centre organised yesterday the tenth meeting which brought together the officials of communication and media departments in government institutions in the presence of Dr. Abdul Munim bin Mansour Al Hasani, Minister of Information.
The objective of the meeting is to inform government institutions represented by the media departments about the strategy project, its objectives and stages of preparation, and the options of the mechanism to be judged and measured, including the distribution of roles and responsibilities.
During the meeting, they discussed the government communication strategy project, which is being prepared in a strategic partnership between the government communication centre, the Ministry of Information and the Public Authority for Radio and Television.
The meeting reviewed the activities and efforts of the government communication centre during the past period, in order to ensure integration with government institutions in the media aspects and enhance the fields of cooperation in order to improve the media presence of these institutions by adopting best practices in the field of communication.
It also reviewed the stages of the government communication strategy project, starting with studying the status quo, diagnosing and analysing it to reach the stage of drafting the initial draft of the strategy. The strategy aims to find the best mechanism in the communication process between government institutions and the media. The meeting touched on the preliminary draft of the strategy, which envisages reaching a high level of Integration and harmonisation between government institutions in communication activities, thus contributing to enhancing the confidence of the community in these efforts. The meeting took into consideration the involvement of government institutions and different sectors of society in the two phases of the status quo study and to draft the strategy to ensure a comprehensive strategy and keep abreast of developments in the sector.
The Government Communication Centre has worked on the formulation of strategic governance mechanisms proposals, including an electronic platform to manage and monitor strategy activities, a clear division of roles and responsibilities, and mechanisms to measure compliance with the implementation of the Strategic Plan.