Video: Multi-level smart parking system introduced in Oman

Energy Sunday 03/February/2019 20:15 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: Knowledge Oasis Muscat has installed a multi-level smart parking system on its premises.
The smart system helps increase the parking space by allowing cars to be stacked vertically, rather than in a line on the ground.
Drivers who would like to park in the multi-level parking area first position their car correctly onto the parking slot, called a “pallet”, making sure the car is completely inside the pallet.
Each pallet is numbered, and instructions at the installation inform drivers that in case the lower pallet is empty they should enter the number of an empty pallet into the control panel.
To retrieve their car, the driver simply needs to follow these instructions: “Enter the yellow parking number placed above the parking space where your vehicle is parked, into the control panel, wait until the rotation of the system comes to a complete stop, then retrieve your car.”
Drivers can only forward park to use the smart parking system, as reverse parking is prohibited.