Consumer watchdog destroys over 7,000 products

T TV Thursday 15/November/2018 00:43 AM
By: Times News Service

The Public Authority for Consumer Protection destroyed 7,218 products in Rustaq, South Batinah recently.
They coordinated with Be’ah to destroy 7218 products according to Royal decree 66/2014.
"The goods were destroyed for various reasons, ranging from products that do not adhere to public decency to expired foodstuffs, banned medicinal herbs, chewing tobacco, products lacking Arabic labels, counterfeit products, and falsified oils and tyres.” - Salim Al Abri, Acting Director, Public Authority in Southern al Batinah
Royal Decree 66 of the year 2014 details that expired or counterfeit products, as well as banned goods, are to be destroyed by the authorities.