Set up your photography website

Lifestyle Sunday 11/November/2018 14:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Set up your photography website

If you’re a photographer looking to drum up some extra business, you need a website. Websites are today’s business cards, but they do so much more.

Creating a photography website is a great way to showcase your work. A photography website can act as a landing page for all your social media followers. If someone on Instagram wants to work with you, they’ll want to contact you through a website. So if you’re serious about your photography, it’s time to set up a website. Check out our tips on how to make a photography website to get started.
Pick a good domain name
There are lots of different methods to pick out a domain name. You should make sure it’s short, simple, and easy to remember. If you can, choose a “.com” domain because they are the most popular. When you’re creating your photography website, pick something like Let’s say you meet someone while you’re out doing your photography thing. They might not remember anything about you but your name. Use that simplicity to your advantage, and use your name in the domain.
Know what you’re trying to do
If you’re trying to figure out how to make a photography website, you might be starting a business. If that’s true, then you need to ask yourself the age-old question: “Why am I doing this?” Are you trying to display your latest photography project? Are you hoping to bring in new work? Is it a little of both? Your answers will determine the photos for your portfolio and the layout of your website.
Choose the best stuff
Once you’ve picked out your domain and you’ve figured out your “Why” it’s time to create your portfolio. This isn’t social media, where an ever-steady stream of content is a good thing. Your website needs to display your best work. That means you need to be very selective. Most photographers have a hard time choosing their best photos. If that’s you, take your photos to one of your friends. Give them clear guidelines about what you’re looking for, and then let them choose.
How to make a photography website layout
How you build a photography website matters. It should have an easy to follow layout so that you can attract the right clients.
The Homepage
This is your landing page. You need a nice big picture of you or your best work. Put your name and subheader here. Check out Michael Grecco Productions for a great example of a homepage.
Your gallery
This is why your client is here. Make sure your gallery is well organised to display all your great work.
“About me”
People want to know the person behind the camera. It helps them trust you, which gets you more business.
Client showcase and review
If you’ve worked as a freelance photographer, this is the place to show off your past work. Add a few satisfied testimonials while you’re at it.
Contact information
Your audience might love your work, but if they don’t know how to contact you then it doesn’t matter.
Blogs aren’t necessary for creating a photography website. But blogs are a good way to earn trust and add some SEO rich content to your site.