Keep track of your kids at Muscat Festival: Royal Oman Police
January 9, 2019 | 10:16 PM
by Times News Service
Don’t treat ‘lost and found’ zone like a crèche, visitors advised

Muscat: The Royal Oman Police (ROP) warned people against leaving their children unattended, even for a minute, at the Muscat Festival.

The 21st edition of the month-long event will start on January 10 and conclude on February 9.

Last year, nearly 1 million people visited the Muscat Festival.

Colonel Said Al Asmi, General Manager for Operations at the ROP, urged parents not to leave their children unattended at the event. Al Asmi said, “Don’t leave your children unattended while heading to the festival sites. You should keep your children safe while you are at the various locations at the festival. You can report any observations or any suspicious cases immediately and call the emergency number (999).”

Colonel Said Al Asmi, General Manager for Operations at the ROP.

An official at the Muscat Municipality said that in most cases families inadvertently lose track of their children as they get engrossed in festival activities or sometimes children slip out of their hands in the crowd.

“Some of the festival areas are not suitable for children. It is very dangerous for them to be present there, especially without adult supervision,” the official said.

“Parents who have lost their children will have their full names announced on loudspeakers to come pick them up at the festival avenue reception,” Al Asmi said. The official also confirmed that the municipality would not be providing identity wristbands for children at the festival sites.

A father of two, Ahmed, said, “Parents need to be vigilant and keep an eye on their children. It’s fine to enjoy yourselves but make sure they are under your supervision at all times.”

Gurav Saha, an expat from India, said, “I think it’s great they are reminding parents in advance. However, it will come down to us individually to make sure children are not left unattended.”

Al Asmi also detailed the entire list of banned items, which include lighters, horns, and knives.

“Firecrackers, lighters, sticks with a sharp tool such as knives, other white weapons, sharp objects, laser lighting, iron chains, whistles and horns with high voices and clothing with images, phrases or words that violate religious values, morality or any other material or means that affect the security and safety of the festival are banned,” he said.

The main activities of the festival will be organised at Al Amerat Park and Al Naseem Garden from 4pm to 11pm, while weekend activities will be extended by one hour to end at 12 midnight.

Additionally, activities related to the Tour of Oman will be held as part of the festival from February 16-21.

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