Locals, expats laud Oman for being ranked safest country in the world

More sports Saturday 20/October/2018 19:08 PM
By: Times News Service
Locals, expats laud Oman for being ranked safest country in the world

#ReadersResponse: Omani locals and overseas expats who live in the Sultanate have unanimously said that Oman’s global ranking of being the safest place in the world is richly deserved.
According to the 2018 Global Competitiveness Report released by the World Economic Forum, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) was ranked first in the Arab world and fifth worldwide in “liability of police services”.
“The best place to live in peace is Oman,” said George Sebastian. “Long live HM Sultan Qaboos. Omani people are all loving and they have no ego problems. The climate is also good. I love Oman and all my family members also love this country. Compared to the other GCC countries, Oman is beautiful.”
Mohammed Al Khusaibi, an Omani national, added, “Oman is a peaceful country because we don’t want to fight with other people. We are a peaceful country and we are friends with all the other countries in the world.”
“If my homeland is my motherland, then Oman is my fatherland,” said Amirah Muhammad. “I hope to live in Oman for a long time.”
“Oman being one of the most peaceful countries in the world is definitely and truly correct,” added Hafiz Younas Javaid.
“I give thanks to God and it is with his blessing that the country is peaceful all over. Under the great leadership of the honourable His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who has built a glittering, peaceful Sultanate. Blessings to all the people of Oman.”
Living in such a peaceful place seemed to be most conducive for expats who came to the Sultanate to work, irrespective of their country of origin.
“Oman is one of the few countries in the world that offers a peaceful and safe environment for all,” said Isabelle Larson. Abdul Qayyum added, “May God bless this beautiful land with more prosperity and peace.”
Ethel Fernandes further added, “God bless Oman and our beloved Sultan and his loyal ministers.”
Gangaram Siri chipped in with “yes, it is true. Omani people are friendly people and they make Oman the safest country in the world”, while Sandeep Kumar said, “It is absolutely true that Oman is the safest country in the world. I like Oman, it is a 100 per cent safe country, and I truly love Oman.”
“This country will always be my beloved Sultanate of Oman. Now and forever,” said Wendy Lee.
Elaine R. Spies added, “I love the Sultanate, my second country. This place will stay forever in my heart.” A fact Chonita Seno seemed to agree with when she said, “I love Oman. It really is a peaceful country to live in.”
“As an expat, I truly love Oman,” added Makario D Makulangan, with Rifat TJ adding, “Oman really is a safe country for everyone.”
Former Omani resident LJ Vadoz also had good things to say, as she opined, “This is absolutely true, by the grace of God. I lived there for five years.”
Peaceful nation
“Oman being such a peaceful nation is another reason I love living here,” said Vicky Thomson, as Jaspal Singh chimed in with “I love Oman. Long live His Majesty.”
Yogesh Sarpotdar added, “I love Oman, it is very peaceful and safe.” Lani Regala Garcia added, “This is true. Omani people are so friendly.”
Omani national Alam Said Al Balushi added, “Long live Oman! Let’s keep up our friendly foreign policy.”
A statement released by the ROP clarified Oman’s leading position as a safe country. “It is worth mentioning that the Global Competitiveness Report is about measuring factors that contribute to the acceleration of production and prosperity for 140 countries around the world, relying on 12 core categories that are the pillars of the Competitiveness Index,” the ROP said in its statement.