Al Maha Call Centre receives more than 12,000 calls

Business Monday 08/October/2018 15:10 PM
By: Times News Service
Al Maha Call Centre receives more than 12,000 calls

Muscat: Al Maha Call Centre has succeeded in achieving a quantum leap in its customer service. Since its launch on July 10, 2017, till October 7, 2018, the centre has received more than 12,000 calls, most of which are focused on customer inquiries about the company's national fuel subsidy cards.
This comes as part of Al Maha's keenness to achieve its goal of excellence in customer service, in order to achieve the overall quality envisaged by the company to serve its customers and to monitor their aspirations for various services provided to them through the 216 stations spread throughout the Sultanate.
Al Maha Call Centre (8001888) is the link between the subscriber and the company to respond to all inquiries, complaints and requests of customers, and to deal with them according to the integrated quality standards to achieve the satisfaction of subscribers. The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
Al Maha Call Centre aims to help all customers communicate quickly and easily, providing an integrated and modern customer relationship management platform, and to address the cases and messages received from customers. The vision of the centre is to create a single point of contact to access all the services provided by the company in different governorates of the Sultanate.
Suad bint Mohammed Al Abri, Head of Customer Service Department at the Company, said: “Al Maha Call Centre responds to all customer inquiries and opinions about the services and products offered by the company. It is based on the company’s philosophy and keenness to satisfy its customers and provide them with fast and high quality services that meet global standards and methods in the field of customer service and care.”
Al Abri pointed out that Al Maha Call Centre, which was established according to the best successful experiences and practices, works automatically and continuously to monitor and analyse customers' impressions, attitudes, and suggestions, as well as to measure consumer’s behaviour in the oil products market and forward it to competent bodies to take care of it and respond to customers in record time.
The customer service department, which supervises the call centre, monitors and analyses reports and proposals received from customers and tries to find mechanisms to develop services and products. The call centre staff records all feedback received from callers in the system and sends them to the staff of the customer service department who in turn sends all comments to the relevant departments to respond to queries, suggestions or reports of customers. The system records the time taken to respond to customers and ensures that all necessary data is provided.