Royal Guard of Oman field deployment plan activated

Energy Sunday 07/October/2018 21:20 PM
By: Times News Service
Royal Guard of Oman field deployment plan activated

Muscat: The Royal Guard of Oman (RGO) on Sunday activated its field deployment plan for its commands, formations and units taking part at (Al Shumookh 2) and (Swift Sword 3) military exercises.
The deployment is made according to the general plan for the troops which include all teams, weapons and equipment taking part in the land operations. The RGO deployment, which started by field transfer for elements from the commands and the units taking part, included vehicles and military equipment.
The deployment will be carried out instantaneously with the activation of the plan for other commands and field units alongside with the deployment of the remainder Sultan Armed Forces (SAF) corps and other military units taking part, each according to its operational duties and roles and according to the land, air and maritime needs.
The RGO is taking part in (Al Shumookh 2) and (Swift Sword 3) military exercises side by side with the other SAF corps and other military, security and civil organisations. The RGO has dedicated the necessary resources and activating the training, administrative and technical plans to ensure effective participation in the exercise plan.