Oman crude oil price crosses $78 mark

Energy Thursday 20/September/2018 13:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman crude oil price crosses $78 mark

Muscat: Prices for Omani crude oil broke $78 today, according to a statement from the Dubai Mercentile Exchange (DME).
"Marker Price on September 20, for November 2018 for Oman crude oil futures: US$ 78.16," DME said.
According to the exchange, this marks a change of 56 cents. During the month, prices had stayed at around $76. According to the data, during the time between September 20, 2015 and today, crude oil prices rose by more than $35.
This same day last year, the price was at $54.3. On September 20, of 2016, it was $42.56, and $44.8 dollars on the same day in 2015.