The art of sharing happiness

T-Mag Wednesday 19/September/2018 19:16 PM
By: Times News Service
The art of sharing happiness

They say, ‘you get what you give.’ Happiness works the same way. It is very easy to get absorbed with oneself in this fast-paced world in an endless pursuit of being happy. But the key to real happiness is putting a smile on the face of others. Practising these easy steps every day will definitely make you realise how much happiness you can receive when you are willing to be the reason for someone else’s joy.
Random Act of Kindness (RAK) – It is amazing how doing something nice for another being regularly can uplift your mood. When you get a genuine thank you, a grateful smile or an expression of appreciation it is bound to make you feel good too.
Compliment others – It doesn’t cost a dime! Think about it, no one would really turn away or refuse a compliment. The only advice — don’t go overboard. Mean what you say, so people don’t mistake it for false flattery.
Volunteer for causes – It might feel like quite a challenge sometime, whether it is in terms of time, financial aid or even the physical efforts that you might have to take; but ask any volunteer if it’s all worth and they’ll definitely say ‘yes’.
Appreciate when someone offers to help – You might not need it, but the mere fact that they stepped up demands a ‘thank you’. On the flip side, if you shrug them off, you’ll probably not get a hand when you really need it the next time.
Recognise – All it takes is a little honest observation. Everyone is good at something. Observe keenly to find these little talents and bring it to the notice of others. Trust me, very soon you’ll have people doing the same for you.
Express in person – In this world where everything is digital, make it a point to be there in person whenever you can. Express your feelings to a loved one face-to-face. Tell them how much you love them, talk about good times and give them the assurance that you’ve got their back. Research shows that talking in person is way more effective than a comment on their social media platform or an email.
Deflect the bad to the good – Alright, so your friend messed up. You sulking with him/her will definitely not help. Honestly, that’s just rubbing it in. Instead change the topic to something more positive.
Organise ‘happy’ events – Plan a day when a group of people can come together and talk about everything that makes them happy. Share your stories and listen to others.
Gifts – Don’t reserve gifts for only occasions. When you’ve achieved something, think about the person who helped you get to your goal. Give them a gift. The idea is surprising them when they aren’t expecting it. They’ll be absolutely touched and you’ll find yourself smiling even more.

Antara Bose is a model turned fashion and beauty consultant. A popular blogger, anchor, and voice over artist, she maintains a deep connection with the local fashion, wellness and health industry. For fashion updates follow Antara on instagram @antarabose and on Facebook: Antara Bose.