Japanese envoy hosts Omani Ship for World Youth participants

Energy Saturday 25/August/2018 21:16 PM
By: Times News Service
Japanese envoy hosts Omani Ship for World Youth participants

Muscat: The Ambassador of Japan to the Sultanate hosted a reception to welcome 12 Omani participants of the Ship for World Youth (SWY) Programme 2017 at his residence on Tuesday.
“The Government of Japan started the SWY programme in 1988 with the purpose of broadening the views of youth globally, promoting mutual understanding and friendship among youth and cultivating the spirit of international cooperation,” said Mitsugu Saito, Ambassador of Japan to the Sultanate.
“Every year, around 120 Japanese youth and 140 international youth board the ship and discuss common issues from a global standpoint, as well as engage in multilateral exchange activities. I am happy to hear that Oman has been continuously participating in such a significant programme,” the ambassador said.
The trip was organised from January 16 until March 2, 2018, and this is the 10th time Omanishave taken part in the programme.
It consisted of two phases – the first being a 12-day stay in Japan, including five days in local cities, and the second phase was 30 days on board the sailing programme to India and Sri Lanka.
“Adding 11 new members, the SWY family in Oman has grown to more than 120 people. As the ambassador of Japan, I am delighted to see that Omani Ship for World Youth alumni are actively contributing to the development of Oman in various fields,” the ambassador said.
He added that the alumni include Saud bin Salim Al Balushi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, and Professor Dr. Ahmed Hassan Al Bulushi, Dean of Caledonian College of Engineering.
SWY is a multi-national youth exchange programme implemented by the Japanese Cabinet Office in order to provide a broader global vision and foster the spirit of international cooperation and to strengthen youth leadership, as well as to promote mutual understanding and create friendship among the participants.
“The programme was a great learning experience filled with a lot of interesting activities on board.
“It has definitely helped me and my team members to broaden their horizons and think outside the box,” said Sami Al Breiki, one of the Omani participants.
“The time spent with people from across the world has been an absolutely mind-opening experience. It definitely helps in breaking stereotypes that people usually hold against certain nationalities. I can’t talk on behalf of others but after this programme, I feel a huge responsibility not only towards my country, but the globe,”
Breiki added.