Shopping ahead can save you money: What to know

Lifestyle Wednesday 08/August/2018 19:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Shopping ahead can save you money: What to know

Every procrastinator is familiar with the downsides of last-minute shopping — parking woes, stress-induced headaches and paying premiums for needed items. But these hassles and expenses are avoidable, say experts.
Now, with so many shopping options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To manage your everyday as well as special gift-giving occasions, get savvy with these shopping tips.
• Mobilise yourself. Download favourite shopping apps so they’re easily accessible. The next time you have five minutes of downtime, browse for items you’re inspired by and will want to gift down the line.
• Be an in-the-know techie! Most retailers offer channels for staying in-the-know on the next big deal, helping you take advantage of special finds when the price is right. Pop onto your favourite retailers’ Facebook pages and subscribe to their Facebook Live notifications.
• Keep a gift closet. When it comes to meaningful gift giving, you can never be too on-the-ball. While shopping, always keep in mind your nearest and dearest, even if their birthdays or special occasions are months away. When you encounter an item that’s particularly unique or especially “her” or “him” – whether it’s llama salt and pepper shakers, a new blender for her famous margaritas, a STEM toy or emoji slippers – it’s always worthwhile to buy the gift while it’s available at a great price, and then stash it until the time is right. This is especially true of personalised gifts that may require advance planning.
• Shop aggressively. Leverage special events offering deals on fashion, kitchen and home supplies and fun finds for kids that you want and know you’ll need down the line.
So, you can prepare ahead and be cool, calm and collected before the next big event while friends and family are last-minute-shopping. Save time, money and avoid stress. Let new tech tools help you become a year-round savvy shopper.