Follow the camel footprints in Salalah

Oman Tuesday 07/August/2018 18:18 PM
By: Times News Service
Follow the camel footprints in Salalah

While you are driving around Salalah you will find camels in large numbers and they are a sight to behold. Unaware of the onlookers these tall legged sand coloured animals walk in leisure, amidst the drizzle and the mist. You can find them near the beaches, on the plains, and also on the highlands of Dhofar. During Khareef most of Dhofar's camel owners bring these animals from the mountains to the plains and the nearby villages, as the intermittent rains over the monsoon months restrict their movement on the slopes. Plastic shielded tents are specially built for them during the three months of Khareef.
Visitors travelling to Salalah get a chance to see camels not just wandering in the wilderness, but also in various competitions such as camel races and camel beauty contests, which are held during this season. For those who are driving extensively in Salalah don’t miss the camel warning signs on the desert highways.