Municipality destroys 1.5 tonnes of pickle in Oman

Energy Wednesday 18/July/2018 10:15 AM
By: Times News Service
Municipality destroys 1.5 tonnes of pickle in Oman

Muscat: The Food Control Department of Al Mussanah Municipality has destroyed 1.5 tonnes of pickle that was unsuitable for human consumption, the Municipality announced.
According to officials, the pickles contained a high concentration of yeast.
In a statement online, Al Mussanah Municipality said, “After examining the samples of the [pickle] that was seized, [the results showed that] the products did not meet the standards of food [suitable for human consumption] and that the proportion of yeast was high, so the municipality decided to destroy all the pickle that had previously been reserved.”
Khalfan Al Tubi, director of Al Mussanah Municipality said, "The Municipality is moving forward in increasing the number of inspections of markets and shops. They’re also working hard to ensure the safety of food, in addition to making sure that it reaches the consumer in a good condition. The municipality is also urging suppliers and traders to adhere to the requirements of each food product."
The director also called on consumers to increase their awareness about the quality of food and to ensure that it is valid and safe for consumption before buying it and serving it to people. Al Tubi also stressed on the fact that the municipal control team takes the necessary legal measures against anyone who attempts to break rules and regulations.