Selfless heroes receive praise for Thailand cave rescue operation

More sports Wednesday 11/July/2018 18:31 PM
By: Times News Service
Selfless heroes receive praise for Thailand cave rescue operation

#ReadersResponse: The brave volunteers who risked life and limb to rescue the 12 children and their coach who were stranded in a cave complex in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, have received plenty of praise from people who hailed their selfless dedication in the face of overwhelming odds.
With rains currently lashing Thailand, a group of cave divers from the Thai Navy SEALs, along with volunteer divers and cave explorers, sacrificed all they could to rescue the 13.
“This was amazing and miraculous from beginning to end,” said Sabrina Giaimo. “Prayers for the coach. I heard today he is an orphan. It is sad that he had no parents waiting and praying for him but his father God saw him through.”
“Whoop, whoop!” exclaimed Shandi Marie Thompson. “Great job everyone and I am truly happy for the positive outcome. All of you are the true definition of HERO. Sending all my love.”
“This really brings to attention the sheer number of helpers who were operating behind the scenes, to back up the rescue,” added Lizze Moore. “We knew it could be done!”
A number of plans were made in order to attempt to rescue the group, who were found after being stranded for 12 days. In the end, it was decided to get them out as soon as possible, before the monsoon rains could flood the cave systems further.
“I have the utmost respect for everyone in the rescue team,” said Wendy Tawse. “I have been following this rescue mission for days and every time someone was rescued, the tears rolled down my face. Being involved in the same type of work, I can relate to so many of the people involved in the operation. I can only salute you for the brave, unselfish work that you did, thank you. To those that died during this mission, RIP. Your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers.”
Roseann Capurro Vuotto was also quick to pay her respects to the volunteers.
“Much respect, love, and gratitude to all who participated to make this incredible rescue effort a success,” she said. “It was the best news ever to start the day. You are all my heroes.”
“So thankful that everyone is now out and safe!” added Phyllis Delia. “Prayers heard and answered. Nothing short of a true miracle!”
“Thank you very much,” said Prathibha Nandakumar. “The world will remember it forever. Hugs to the boys and coach who were so brave and calm all (throughout).”
In the wake of the rescue, which saw the death of a former Thai Navy diver who had volunteered to rescue the unfortunate boys and their coach, France midfielder Paul Pogba has dedicated his country’s 1-0 win over Belgium in the semifinals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup to the boys, who were part of the local Wild Boars youth football team.
“This victory goes to the heroes of the day, well done boys, you are so strong,” said Pogba. “My thoughts are with the boys in Thailand.”