Watch: This Salalah promo video hit a million views in a week

Oman Sunday 08/July/2018 11:48 AM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: A promotional video shot by Omani youth to promote the Dhofar Governorate this Khareef season has hit one million views in just a week, on its social media platforms.

The film was shot in two weeks at a number tourist sites in Dhofar, such as Al Daharees, Al Hafa Souq, Ateen, Darbat, Shat and Al Mughsail.

"The video was an idea I had and I wanted to shoot it to have a role in promoting my Governorate, so I got in touch with my friend Mohammed Al Jabri to help me shoot the video," said Anas Al Dheeb, the photographer from dhofar who made the video, said.

The video invites people to visit the Khareef season, told in a simple and creative way. Anas said, "The video does not exceed one minute. The goal of the work was to present a promotional video of Khareef season in a youthful and creative style by our own efforts, highlighting the beauty of the monsoon season in Dhofar Governorate in a professional way."

ِAl Dheeb said: "We chose to make a short video, because we would like to spread the video quickly through social media platforms and between people. If it is long, people will not watch it fully and, thank God, the video reached million views in a week."