How to pack light and travel smart

Lifestyle Tuesday 05/June/2018 19:36 PM
By: Times News Service
How to pack light and travel smart

Packing light doesn't come easily to most travellers. But, it’s a skill you can improve with a little planning and organisation. The following are the best tips for becoming into a light packer.

Start with the bag
If you are still using a baggage you bought several years ago, it may be time to spend in some new, lightweight luggage. Most 22" wheeled upright bags tagged as "lightweight" weigh in around six pounds; customary bags of the same size can be almost four pounds heftier. What's more, while spinner bags — the type with four wheels on the bottom instead of two are very active and easy to move, they don't fit as well in airplane overhead bins as two-wheeled bags. Use spinner bags for checked baggage, but choose duffels or two-wheeled bags for carry-ons.

Stick to the basics
If you find that you return home from travel with a bag half full of clean clothes, it's time to begin packing less and you need to follow these tips:
• Only pack mix-and-match clothing. Choose a colour palette and stick to it. Be sure that every pair of pants and shoes and every shirt matches some other things in your baggage.
• Don't carry a coat. Choose for layers rather than of a heavy coat. Your baggage will become lighter and more layers mean more choices. It is important to give preference to your clothing that is made of lighter fabrics.
• Lay it out. Before packing everything in your carry-on, you must lay it out. This is a smart way to figure out your outfits and will likely result in sending some clothes back to your closet.
• Walk lightly. You must wear comfortable "all-purpose" pair of shoes and if you must, stuff a second pair. If you need to bring something bulky, like hiking boots, wear them while travelling to save space in your baggage.
• Stick with trial size toiletries. Only bring the most basic items and in travel-size amounts. If you're staying in a hotel or onboard a voyage ship, shampoo and soap will be provided. Though not always the case, you can normally buy what you need wherever you're going.
• Bring detergent. Many hotels and cruise ships offer fair laundry packages. Take them up on it or simply carry a few travel packs of detergent to do hand laundry in your hotel basin.

Fold wisely
Believe it or not, the technique you fold your clothes matters. Many travel professionals attest that by rolling method, it helps lessen wrinkles as well as save more space. Ensure to stick rolled-up shirts or socks into shoes. Other travellers choose packing in zip-up mesh cubes with underclothes in one cube and shirts in another, etc.

Pack a folding duffel for the return trip
Souvenir lovers will be accustomed with the problem of getting all their purchases home at the end of a travel. Pack a lightweight, foldable bag or tote at the bottommost of your baggage to stuff with your goodies and dirty clothes when it's time to go home. Depending on where you are, it might also be reasonable to ship your souvenirs home.