Book on resistance to Portugal released in Oman

Oman Monday 21/May/2018 21:48 PM
By: Times News Service
Book on resistance to Portugal released in Oman

Muscat: Researcher Ahmed bin Humaid bin Al Theeb Al Toobi, presented in his book “The Omani Resistance to the Portuguese Presence in the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean” (1507-1698), published by Dar al Ghasham for Publication and Advertising.
The researcher divides his book into six chapters, beginning with an introductory chapter on Oman prior to the arrival of the Portuguese. He mentions the situation of Oman at the end of the Nabhani era and the political situation, where the country was divided into several contending kingdoms. He then talks about the arrival of the Portuguese to the Indian Ocean and India and its use of the policy of closing the Arab Straits to control the trade coming from India.
The first chapter talks about the Portuguese occupation of the Omani cities and their fall into the hands of the Portuguese coloniser. The second chapter discusses the Omani resistance to the Portuguese during the period leading up to the establishment of Al Ya'aribah State in 1624, an unorganised resistance represented in four revolutions, the first in 1519, the second in 1521 the third in 1526, and the fourth in 1580. In the third chapter, the researcher speaks of the organised resistance against the Portuguese, where he mentions the allegiance of Imam Nasser bin Murshid in 1624 and his unification of the countryt. How Nasser bin Murshid began facing the Portuguese and finally their expulsion from Oman during the reign of Imam Sultan bin Saif I in 1650.
In the fourth chapter, he talks about the Omani navy, its establishment and development in order to fight the Portuguese outside Oman. Thus, the Omanis confronted them in this chapter in three regions: The Arabian Gulf, the western coast of India and the entrance to the Red Sea. The author devoted the fifth chapter to talk about the Omani confrontation of the Portuguese in East Africa, where he first mentions the reasons why the Omanis followed the Portuguese in East Africa, then the most important Omani campaigns against the Portuguese in East Africa, and finally how the fall of the Fort Jesus in Mombasa in 1698, the most important Portuguese strongholds in the North Coast of Eastern Africa.
The author mentions the aim of this study, which is to clarify the most important historical circumstances witnessed by Oman during the arrival of the Portuguese to the region.