Keep your pet healthy in the heat

Lifestyle Tuesday 08/May/2018 18:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Keep your pet healthy in the heat

Before you start jogging or cycling with your furry partner by your side, it’s important to understand these summer safety measures to keep your pet happy and safe.
Easing into exercise
The best approach to get your pet ready for more activities outside is a gradual introduction into exercise. A game of fetch is a perfect way to get your pet up and moving. The Chuckit! Launcher and Locator Sound Ball provides an easy way for your pet to increase their stamina, with the added entertainment of retrieving a ball that emits an audible pulse sound every few seconds to help pet parents and dogs locate the ball in any terrain after launch. If your pet enjoys chasing ground pursuits (think rabbits and squirrels), the Chuckit! RingChaser is a great option to satisfy their instincts. Again, short bursts of chasing and retrieving are a fun way to get your pup back into shape.
It’s also critical to choose the best time of day to exercise — and noon is not it. The best time to enjoy your pet’s company is early in the morning or late in the evening. Keep in mind that in the evening after the sun is down, the pavement can still be pretty warm, as it retains heat for quite a while. Where possible, try to exercise on a grassy or dirt surface to avoid burning or irritating their paws.
Keeping cool and staying hydrated
What we love so much about our dogs is how loyal they are and how much they want to please us. This can be a problem when it comes to potential overexertion, as they will keep going just to be with us, even though they may be overheating. Moreover, many dogs and cats can overheat from lying around the house or backyard as well. When leaving pets outside during the summer, make sure that shade and fresh water are always available. There are many devices available that can provide water automatically or on-demand, which provides a constant flow of fresh water throughout the day for pets even when the pet parent isn’t home.
If you’re out and about with your pet, carry a water bottle and also include a travel bowl for your pet. For longer excursions, or for hotter climates, wet a bandana and place it in the freezer the night before so it will remain nice and cool a little longer. Also, make regular stops in a shady area to allow both of you to catch your breath. Indoor dogs and cats also need to escape from the heat. Make sure the house isn’t kept too warm. Keep at least one room cooler by leaving the shades or drapes closed.
Limitless possibilities, while on a leash
You and your pet are finally enjoying the great outdoors, and the fun activities are endless. Remember to respect other pets’ “space” and boundaries, and don’t assume every dog is dying to play with yours. Wherever you and your pet decide to roam, be mindful of the local leash laws. You don’t want to turn a fun outing into an emergency room visit for you or anyone else.
If you’re heading off to a park make sure you have everything you need. Travel treats and water bottles are always a good idea to keep with you, to make sure you and your pet are well fuelled and hydrated. Keep essentials, like your keys, lip balm, waste bag, etc., all in one place.