Forum focuses on Omani renewable energy sector

Business Monday 07/May/2018 15:29 PM
By: Times News Service
Forum focuses on Omani renewable energy sector

Muscat: Nafath recently concluded the second edition of “Mustadeem”, an initiative that sought to foster the renewable energy sector of Oman. Sponsored by BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme, the initiative motivated and equipped students with the skills to enter entrepreneurship in the sustainable energy sector. The closing event was held at the at the Law College in Sultan Qaboos University under the patronage of Khalid Al Kindi, Deputy General Manager and In Country Value (ICV) Manager of BP Oman.
“One of our objectives at BP Oman is to catalyse the evolution to greener and purer forms of energy. Mustadeem supports renewable energy and endeavours to preserve the environment. This aligns with BP Oman’s goal of protecting the environment. Moreover, the success and the positive impact created by Mustadeem reinforce our commitment in investing in such initiatives, which in turn add great value socially and economically,” said Shamsa Ahmad Al Rawahi, BP Oman Social Investment Programme Officer.
During the course of the year, Mustadeem held workshops and lectures along with practical training for 1,119 university students across seven educational institutions in Oman. Further, the initiative studied solar radiation in nine locations and installed solar panels and wind turbines in seven educational institutions.
The ceremony commenced with welcoming the guests followed by a presentation about Mustadeem, its objectives and achievements. Later, a panel discussion titled "Challenges in the Sustainability of Renewable Energy" was held. It focused on the importance of shifting to renewable energy, the future of renewable energy in Oman’s 2040 vision and Mustadeem’s goals. The event was preceded by the handover of documentation to the supervisors from the nine targeted universities and colleges. The evening concluded by honouring Mustadeem’s team and those who played a pivotal role in the success of the programme.
“I would like to extend our gratitude to BP Oman for supporting us for another year. Together, we have reached yet another milestone,” said Eng. Abdullah Nassir Al Saidi, Chief Executive Officer of Nafath Renewable Energy.
“The second edition of the programme exceeded the targeted number of students. This is proof of the interest students have in the field of renewable energy and we capitalised on this to realise our goals. We at Nafath are extremely proud of this achievement,” he added.
Mustadeem supported students who wish to enter the green energy sector by creating a suitable platform to implement their ideas and enhance their knowledge. It focused on generating a pool of qualified personnel who could contribute to the development of the renewable energy sector in Oman. Ultimately, this would lead to supporting the Sultanate's efforts in keeping up with the global shift towards preserving the environment.