10 hair colours to try this summer

T-Mag Wednesday 25/April/2018 17:19 PM
By: Times News Service
10 hair colours to try this summer

The most exciting thing about going over hair colours every season is the burst of a fresh new set of shades. While some hues leave us wondering if we really learnt all the colours in the palette, others have us rushing to the stylist for an inspired new look. Yes, I admit, I’ve probably turned green with envy for all the times I’ve come ‘hair-to-hair’ with perfectly maintained mermaid jewel-tones but I’m pretty certain I’m not letting anything green get to my head yet. But for all those who don’t mind experimenting a little (or maybe even some more), here are some shades you’d want to look up for summer:

Sun-kissed Brunette Ombre – You just can’t go through summer without being sun-kissed, can you? Add a little warmth to your brunette ombre hair by adding tones of honey throughout your hair. Not only will it look like your hair got a vitamin lift, the colour will have a noticeable effect on your face too. Call it the effect of contrast or just sheer happiness — you’ll see the difference for sure.

Ultraviolet – Not your ordinary violet, this was Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’. There’s really no looking back once you’ve committed to this shade, so instead of experimenting with streaks, we recommend going all out with colouring your entire hair. Bold, alluring and radiant, you’ll be sure to turn heads and raise some brows.

Pink Lemonade – Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it? Well, it definitely is a refreshing new colour to try on your hair. It works by blending a shade of pink with blonde or bleached hair. You can either use the pink as a vibrant highlight if you have light-coloured hair or have it fade from a bright pink to a pastel yellow.
Pro-tip: If you don’t want to go high-maintenance and have naturally light hair, start blending the pink halfway through your hair instead of starting at the roots. That way, you won’t have to worry about retouching the roots.

Bronde – Can’t make up your mind between brown and blonde? Don’t! Because with this evergreen shade that makes it to every season’s top trends, you can have the best of both. And it is absolutely low-maintenance. Let’s say it can mature with you. It works for natural blondes who seek some deep colours, added richness and lustre, and goes equally well for natural brunettes who just want some highlights to liven up their look. It lets you retain your colour but still experiment with something new.

Rose Gold – From phones to jewellery to a million other things, this colour has really caught on. So why leave your hair out from soaking in its brilliance. It’s a perfect blend of red, pink and blonde. And the best part is you can keep this as bold as you want or go mellow enough to sport it to the office.

Toasted Orange – Bring in the brilliance of the orange and fire it up with some red. That’s the colour you should be aiming for if you’re leaning towards being anything close to a ginger. It’ll give you the feeling of being fierce but grounded at the same time – a mysterious combination.

Exposed Platinum – If you aren’t over your platinum shade (and we really don’t blame you for that) but are tired of it being so demanding, this new trend was probably designed for your type. Simply let your roots grow out. This works especially well if you have dark hair as the contrast is what adds the spark to this look.

Light brown/honey highlights – If you aren’t feeling bold enough to try something radical, opt for these subtle highlights. You can go for just a few streaks initially and if you like how it looks, you can always add a few more. Pick a highlight that isn’t too far from your original shade to give yourself a mellow change.

Ash Brown – It’s the perfect amalgamation of silver and brown. If you have brown hair, this is a look to definitely try. Go for darker roots and let the ashen look get lighter as it nears the end. The best thing about this look is its variations – you can tone it up or down to get a fresh new look in any season.

Rainbow roots – If you don’t want your entire hair coloured in brilliant shades of the rainbow, why not just stick to the roots. Contrary to dip-dyed hair, colouring your roots is a bolder way of trying something new. It means you are ready to embrace the colour and are not just at an experimental stage where you’d cut off the ends if things don’t unfold as planned.

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