'Stretch your body every day and stretch less at the dinner table'

More sports Saturday 07/April/2018 20:22 PM
By: Times News Service
'Stretch your body every day and stretch less at the dinner table'

To spread awareness for healthy living Vyaniti Yoga group along with Oman Cancer Association (OCA) organised a fund raising event for Dar Al Hanan. Held at the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa’s Amphitheatre it was attended by over 700 people and about 550 people got on to the mat to perform 108 sun salutations (surya namaskar).
The event began with some talent shows by children, men and women of Vyaniti Yoga. It was followed by a talk by Prema Nagesh, founder of Vyaniti Yoga on the importance of yoga and sun salutation in one’s daily life for physical and emotional fitness.
The highlight of the event was two cancer survivors and an octogenarian performed 108 times sun salutation along with other participants of all ages. The Chief Guest His Highness Sayyid Marwan bin Turki bin Mahmoud Al Said was received by Dr Wahid Al Kharusi, President and Chairperson, Oman Cancer Association, C. S. Badrinath, Group Chief Executive Officer of The Zubair Corporation LLC and Prema Nagesh, founder of Vyaniti Yoga. The event was honoured by the Guest of Honour, Padma Shri Nanammal India’s 99 year old yoga teacher. The event was also attended by Rakesh Adlakha, Deputy Chief of Mission, Beatrice Muchigani, Counsellor and Head of Chancery, Kenyan Embassy and M. M. Vinoba, senior principal and educational advisor, Board of Director’s for Limca Book of Records.
Dr Wahid Al Kharusi mentioned the importance of yoga in curing cancer as one of the best way to increase the oxygen level in body and he thanked Prema for organising this fund raising event and for contributing OMR6,000. He also thanked her for assisting Oman Cancer Association by giving free training to cancer affected patients of Oman.
Speaking on the occasion, Nannamal said that she learned yoga from her grandparents and started practising yoga from the age of three and from then she is practising yoga on a daily basis and never visited a doctor or had to take allopathic medicines. She said her mantra is “stretch your body throughout the day and stretch less on dining table”. She also demonstrated couple of simple asanas which can be used in one’s daily life.
Thanking all for being a part of an inspiring event Prema said, “Our objective was to introduce the manifold benefits of yoga, to the community in Oman. It is very heartening to have the support of Oman Cancer Association to make this mega event possible. We hope that our initiative has helped us bring this modernised form of workout to more people within the Sultanate.”
Vyaniti Yoga group also intends to apply for Limca Book of Records as an overseas claimant for this event.