Mwasalat slashes bus fares to and from the new airport

Energy Monday 19/March/2018 12:43 PM
By: Times News Service
Mwasalat slashes bus fares to and from the new airport

Muscat: Oman’s national transport company, Mwasalat, will now be offering a 50 per cent discount on routes to and from the new Muscat International Airport.
A statement issued by Mwasalat said: “The route prices to and from the new Muscat International Airport will be 0.500 baisa.”
The offer comes a day before the opening of the new airport and will run from March 20 until June 20 this year.
The buses will leave every 30 minutes from bus stations in Ruwi, Azaiba, Mabella and Rusayl, and the service will run 24x7. The first bus will leave from Ruwi bus station at 5.52am, stopping at Al Nahda Hospital, Wadi Adai, Wattayah, Wattayah – ROP stadium, Qurum, Royal Opera House, Al Sarooj, Omantel Al Khuwair, Al Khuwair – bridge, Ghubra, Ghubra North, Ghubra – bridge and Azaiba – A, reaching the new Muscat International Airport at 6.43am.
The Azaiba – Mwasalt B, however, will make its first pickup at 6.02am heading directly to the airport, reaching at 6.13am.
The first bus back to Ruwi will leave at 5.45am and drop passengers off from Al Azaiba – Mwasalt B until the last bus station in Ruwi by 6.37am.
The first bus from Mabela will leave at the same time as the service in Ruwi—5.52am—picking up passengers from Al Khoud, Al Hail B, Al Hail A, Mawalih, Burj Sahwa, Burj Sahwa East and the old airport, reaching the final destination by 6.25am.
At the same time, the first bus from the new airport is scheduled to leave at 5.30am and reach the last bus stop in Mabela at 6.02am.
Mwasalat taxis are also currently operating at the new Muscat International Airport, the malls and on demand.
Orange and white cabs are also available but the fare to and from the new Muscat International Airport varies depending on the location and the driver.
The fare from Ruwi taxi stand, which is across Mwasalat bus station, starts from OMR5 and goes up to OMR7, depending on the taxi driver, while on the way back it can range between OMR7 and 9.
However, the taxi stand located next to Burj Sahwa is charging OMR5 to go to the new airport, while asking for between OMR5 and 7 on the way back.