Oman aviation set to soar as new Muscat airport terminal ready to welcome fliers

Energy Wednesday 07/March/2018 21:48 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman aviation set to soar as new Muscat airport terminal ready to welcome fliers

Muscat: The first flights from the new Muscat International Airport Terminal will take off for Salalah, Dubai, Kuwait, and Riyadh on March 20.
These flights will depart from the new terminal building of the Muscat International Airport at some 6.50pm on March 20, 2018. The last flight of the national carrier from the old Muscat International Terminal will leave for Zurich at 2.45pm on the same day.
Passengers travelling on Oman Air flight number WY 462 from Najaf in Iraq, which leaves at 1.40pm, will be the first ones to arrive at the new terminal at 5.30pm on March 20. The flight will be followed by those from New Delhi and Chennai at 5.40pm.
“As the official opening of Muscat International Airport’s new terminal is approaching, Oman Air is delighted to inform all its valued guests that all operations will be moved to the new passenger terminal building from March 20, 2018,” Usama Al Haremi, Head of Corporate Communications and Media at Oman Air, said.
Oman Air flights will be the first to land and take off from the new terminal.
Al Haremi further said the national carrier of Oman was thrilled to be able to offer all its guests a seamless check-in experience at the new passenger terminal building, where there will be a designated check-in area for premium class guests.
“Guests travelling business class and first class will now be able to take advantage of the airline’s premium class lounges, which offer an oasis of calm. We are all geared up for the transition of our operations to the new passenger terminal as our teams are putting in extra efforts to ensure a smooth transition,” he said.
In a letter issued to all airlines, the Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC), said: “Kindly be informed that on March 20, 2018, the operational transfer will take place from the existing to the new Muscat International Airport.”
The last runway touchdown at the existing airport will be at 14.30pm, while the last start-up for the departures will be at 14.45pm. The first runway touchdown at the New Airport will be at 17.30pm and the first start-up for departures will be at 18.50pm.
“All flights operating between the operational transfer hours are requested to reschedule their flights and submit a revised flight schedule,” the OAMC stated.
All ground equipment will be moved to the new airport on the afternoon of March 20.
Security at the new terminal would be of the highest standard, with state-of-the-art facilities. Senior officials said the authority had a goal of making the new terminal one of the top 20 airports in the world by 2020.
Spread across an area of 335,000 square metres, the new airport will be able to handle more than 20 million passengers a year, with plans to increase the capacity to 48 million in the future. The new facilities include 6,000 square metres of duty-free shopping, 8,000 parking spaces, and 96 check-in counters.
The building has 149 elevators. The northern car park has five levels and accommodates over 1,100 parking slots, while the five-level southern car park can accommodate some 1,200 parking spots. The external works of the Muscat International Airport Project include
2,054 covered parking slots, 2,262 open parking spots, and 406 parking spaces for airport employees. There will be 82 counters for the Royal Oman Police and the new passenger building will have two main gates to accommodate heavy aircraft, such as A380 and B747.
Also, 10 7km luggage delivery belts, with two for domestic flights and a capacity of 5,200 bags per hour, have been built. The total area of the passenger building is 580,000 square metres and the passenger terminal comprises three suites, each with three levels.
The retail outlets are located on both sides of the building and cover an area of 12,000 square metres. There are lounges for first class and business class passengers, and offices for airlines, car rental agencies, information, and other services. The building also accommodates a four-star hotel with 90 rooms, swimming pools, and food lounges.