Try wakeboarding in Oman

T-Mag Thursday 22/February/2018 15:07 PM
By: Times News Service
Try wakeboarding in Oman

Wakeboarding is basically snowboarding on water, where you get towed behind a boat and pulled across the surface of the water. The small board, which is shaped like a flattened boat, can be pulled at a speed of up to 40km/hr.

What started in the 80s, when surfers started hitching rides on boats with a rope, similar to water skiing, and got evolved into a sport in the 90s, is fast catching up in Oman. Ideal for a family holiday and adventure, this extreme sport combines surfing, water skiing, and skateboarding; if you haven’t tried this sport yet, it is time to give your adrenaline a rush and learn about wakeboarding from Watersport Oman, which organises regular sessions at Azaiba beach, Bandar Khayran, and several other places in the Sultanate.

Watersport Oman was launched five years ago as the country offered ideal conditions for water sports. The firm is involved in a number of water activities, including wakeboarding, wakesurfing, stand-up paddling, and kitesurfing, as well as in organising trips to Bandar Khayran, Wadi Arbayeen, Damaniyat Islands, and other scenic beaches of Oman.

Anyone interested, who isn’t afraid of water, can join the sessions. “We teach people from scratch. We introduce them to the equipment and safety features and then do trials. It is a one-hour course and you can extend it as much as you want. Once you’re ready, you can ride,” Florian Baiker, founder of Watersport Oman, said.

For those who haven’t done wakeboarding, it is important to know a bit about the sport before jumping into the water. It takes some time and experience to know how to cut speed across the cove and manoeuvre the board with precision. After a couple of short lessons, you’ll have the ability to control your direction to avoid wakes or cut across them quickly to jump into the air.

“We provide everything, including the boat, lifejackets, wakeboards for girls, children, and men. Anyone can come. They just need to be comfortable swimmers and physically fit,” Baikar added. One can also learn some wakeboarding tips and tricks from experts, who supervise activities on the beach. For instance, the body movements to cross the wake, surface spins, jumps and other fun tricks can be learned, which make this activity all the more exciting and thrilling.

Conditions are ideal for the sport in Muscat during winters; once it gets hot, the south of Oman offers ideal conditions for such water activities.

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