Oman tourism: Masirah waves attract surfers from world

Oman Saturday 09/January/2016 20:41 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman tourism: Masirah waves attract surfers from world

Masirah: It is a tourist attraction where people flock to enjoy the weather, the beautiful beaches of the island, most notably surfing, because the waves there are the highest in the Middle East.
Masirah Island in the Governorate of South A’Sharqiya has recently flourished as a tourist destination. Masirah has received a lot of bounty in the form of Blessed Renaissance in all fields.
Hotels in the wilayat experience an intense turnout of visitors, especially on vacation days. The most important of these hotels are the “Masirah Hotel,” “Masirah Resort,” “Dana Gulf” and “Serabis Hotel” in addition to a new hotel, which is now ready for operations and located in the centre of the city.
Many important islands
There are also many important islands in the wilayat of Masirah, perhaps the largest island is (Marsis). It has an abundant number of birds, and the most famous bird is locally called “Taraa.”
There are other islands, such as ‘Shaanzi,’ ‘Kalban’ and ‘Sur Masirah,’ which is frequented by foreigners, who practice surfing and hold paragliding competitions.
The tourists are attracted mostly by the turtles scattered along the beaches of Masirah and those, which come out during the lunar days. The most famous turtle is ‘Al Rimani,’ which lays some of its eggs on the sands of soft beach and then returns to sea, travelling long distances in the depths of oceans and seas, reaching faraway countries of the world.
One of the famous tourist landmarks on the island is the “Marsis Old Fort,” which is a witness to the history of the wilayat since olden times. The fort is located in the village of ‘Marsis,’ and it is one of the most important forts on the island.
An important monument on the island is the Islamic cemetery, which is located in the village of “Safaij,” where a German mission had discovered a number of antiquities, reported in a book about discoveries in the Arabian Sea, on the island of Masirah and the Al Halaniyat Islands, which was published in English.
That book is the result of surveys, archaeological and ethnological studies (that compare and analyse the characteristics of different peoples and the relationship between them) between the island of Masirah and the Al Halaniyat Islands carried out by the German archaeomining expert Gerd Weisgerber of the German Mining Museum (Bochum) and Ali bin Bakhit Al Shanfari, former director of Antiquities at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture through surveys and archaeological excavations conducted in these islands and the documentation of existing social life.