Royal Oman Police issues deadline for Gulf Cup car decorations

Energy Sunday 07/January/2018 18:36 PM
By: Times News Service
Royal Oman Police issues deadline for Gulf Cup car decorations

Muscat: Posters and stickers on cars celebrating the Omani national football team’s victory in the Arabian Gulf Cup can be retained until January 15, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has said.
The ROP had said ahead of the finals that fans who planned on supporting the team could do so, provided they were in accordance with its guidelines.
The ROP had issued a set of rules regarding the attachment of posters and stickers that supporters might put on their cars ahead of Oman’s game against the UAE, which was played on Friday at 9pm Oman time.
“Posters are limited to those that express the encouragement of Oman football team,” the
ROP announced on its official Twitter handle.
“Stickers should not be pasted on front, side and rear windows of the vehicle. It should also not cover the number plate of the vehicle.”
Posters and stickers are allowed to be displayed on vehicles from January 4.
“Authorised stickers are restricted to images and phrases related to the occasion and supporting the national team,” it had said.
For sedans, posters can be affixed to the car body and the rear window, a rule that also applies to four-wheel drives, which can also feature posters on the side windows towards the back of the vehicle, the ROP had said.
Posters attached to vehicles must be well affixed, must not reach the vehicle’s front window, or the frontal side windows on either side, the vehicle’s headlight, or its licence plates. Stickers on the back window must be see-through from the inside, it added.
The posters and stickers must not be made from unattached or easily removable fabrics, especially on the vehicle’s front hood, no inappropriate or offensive phrases must be printed, and all affixed posters and stickers must not affect the colour or shape of the vehicle, or go against existing road safety regulation, the police added.