Help children get the most out of music education

Lifestyle Wednesday 03/January/2018 18:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Help children get the most out of music education

As the list of known benefits of music education grows, you may be wondering how you can help your children get the most out of their efforts. Here are five ways to help make music education
a success.
1. Be encouraging. Learning music is hard work, but it shouldn’t feel that way. Keep it positive and be encouraging. Fostering a love of music is only possible if a child enjoys practising and playing. If your child is taking lessons, be sure that is or her teacher practices a similar philosophy.
2. Get practical. Incorporate practical engagement and games to make it fun. For example, learn new musical words with body actions like clapping and stomping, so students can better understand the rhythm and music through movement.
3. Be contemporary. Many children will prefer playing what they already know and love. If your child is learning to play piano or keyboard, consider a new digital instrument that makes learning the latest tunes easy, such as Casio’s LK-265 keyboard. Outfitted with lighted keys, a voice fingering guide and a Step-up Lesson System, beginners are able to learn built-in songs at their own individual pace.
4. Pace yourself. Every child has his or her own musical aptitude and passion for learning. To ensure that your children are neither overwhelmed nor bored, discover the pace that works best for each individual and don’t pressure anyone into rushing or slowing down.
5. Set goals. Whether it’s working to perfect a particular song, or it’s practicing for a talent show, setting achievable goals can be a great motivation for budding musicians.