Classic New Year resolutions made and broken

T-Mag Wednesday 03/January/2018 15:19 PM
By: Times News Service
Classic New Year resolutions made and broken

Few days into the brilliant New Year and a couple of us are still going strong with those solemn resolutions that were made for 2018; while others (like me) are geared up to make fresh resolutions that we’ll actually stick by next year. More practical, realistic, and viable ones! Clearly, waking up to yoga and giving up cake didn’t qualify as logical.

Do fewer late nights
That would have been easy if you weren’t invited to all the 12 o’clock ‘let’s bring in the birthday with a bang’ invites. “It’s just once in a year,” a buddy would insist. True! However, you just have too many friends and therefore, too many birthdays. And then there are those parties that don’t even start before midnight (and it’d be a sin to miss out on the DJ), dinners that just seem to get more interesting as the clock ticks, and oh, let’s not forget the late night movies.

Socialise with quality people more often
But the not-so-quality people end up having so much more fun. Five out of seven days doesn’t qualify as ‘often’, does it?

Save more, spend less
So the strategy was quite simple; watch out for when the desired stores had a killer sale or promotion, walk in with an intention to get only what you need, and get out with a good deal. The problem - there were way too many good deals. And miraculously, an item or two from the ‘New Collection’ section just happened to slip in.

Clean up the closet (and maintain it)
If there were more shelves and a little extra room, it would have definitely looked cleaner; but shopping for additional space would break resolution number 3, right? Then there is nostalgia! Cleaning uncovers so many long lost things; you just have to pause, abandon the mission, and reminisce.

Learn a new instrument
Yes, taking that initial step of buying the instrument, signing up for classes and actually following through for a few days went absolutely fine. But then your teacher said you weren’t going to perform in a rock band anytime soon with the skills you exhibited and after that, there was obviously no more reason to continue.

Travel more
If the salary hike or bonus had happened, that wouldn’t have been hard at all. Of course, there were great packages that were totally affordable but you like travelling in style only.

Be more punctual (relatively)
This one was clearly not your fault. Things, people, situations themselves, just seem to invariably pop up when you’re on your way. And that causes the delay! Still wondering if that counts as a broken resolution?

Commercialise that hobby
Yes, yes, yes! All that you had to do was get the plan in place, draw up a pretty presentation for the clients, organise the database, connect with the right people, and kick-start that dream project. But that long to-do list brought some serious procrastination, again.

Read more (and write too)
Bookstores visited, books stacked, and you even got a bedside lamp in place for some late night reading (just like how they show on TV). But then the most commonly used excuse happened – lack of time.

Lose weight and eat healthy
And then there were leftover pizzas from New Year’s Eve. This one is definitely one of the top, most broken, New Year’s resolutions. It’s bad enough that we choose the first of every month to start practising a healthy lifestyle, and if you’re one of those who actually wait for New Year’s Eve to take that step, it’s going to be a lot harder to fight those pizzas.

Learn to cook
For those who take greater pleasure in being served than serving, this is a bold step. However, when I made that resolution I missed a very important part – comprehending ingredients (just why would a potato be called pink fir apple, just why?), and that wasn’t part of the deal. That was the end of my resolution! Besides, with passionate chefs laying out the fanciest buffets, it’d be a shame to put your loved ones through your culinary experiments.

Keep calm in traffic
All was going well, and then that lousy driver in front decided to drop to 5kms an hour just before that horrible signal that takes hours to change to green again. Breaking your resolution to give that driver a mouthful was essential, and strangely relieving.

If you have some firm resolutions for the year which haven’t already been broken yet, we wish you good luck with the next 11 months.
P.S. They’ll feel longer than usual, just saying!

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