Purified air for dental patients

Oman Sunday 17/December/2017 21:44 PM
By: Times News Service
Purified air for dental patients

Muscat: Patients will soon be able to breathe in purified air when they visit the American Dental Centre in Oman, which will install the Vidashield air purification system in one of their minor operating rooms.
Brought to Oman by the Cyclone group, VidaShield is a pioneering system that maintains air quality in the atmosphere by filtering ‘invisible threats’ in the air, such as pathogens and germs that are carried by humans.
The systems are highly recommended for hospitals and public places, where diseases can spread rapidly and have severe consequences. “We are doing this as part of our social responsibility and to show our commitment to ensure safe operating environments,” said Dr. Firas Habaj, MD of the centre.
“Such a system is very important in Oman, where buildings are poorly ventilated, and therefore, bacteria and other pathogens that enter such closed environment will remain there.
This is likely to affect individuals who come to the place, whether an office or a hospital, and they may contract a disease due to this. Now, imagine people coming to hospitals with all kinds of diseases, accompanied by healthy family members or friends, who are easy targets for the bacteria. This is what the system prevents.”
VidaShield is a UV-C air purifier designed to filter air 24/7 and reduce bacteria and fungi from the air. The patented device is a simple plug and run device that presents ideal performance in a 4x4x3.5m room four times per hour. It can be installed in areas of high contamination and density, as well as places that house high-risk patients, such as hospitals.
While hospitals have systems to control chemical impurities by filtering them, harmful micro-organisms carried by individuals mostly go undetected and are predominantly the reason for the transfer of germs through the air in hospitals or schools.
“Hospitals are one place where they are totally necessary, but schools and play areas, where young children are present, are other places where air-borne diseases can be easily transmitted. We need VidaShield kind of protection in these places too,” noted Dr. Firas.
American Dental Centre is one of the first centres to sign up for VidaShield, and officials from Cyclone group stated that several other hospitals in Oman were opting for it, in a move that could see a significant reduction in the number of outpatients and visitors contracting diseases.