Oman’s first ever kidney donor needs a donor

Oman Sunday 26/November/2017 21:10 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman’s first ever kidney donor needs a donor

Muscat: Said Al Habsi, reported to be the first kidney donor in Oman, is currently battling stage 4 lymphoma cancer, and is in search of a organ donor for himself.
The 46-year-old Mudhaibi resident has maintained a positive attitude, despite the diagnosis.
“I was the first kidney donor in Oman in February 1992, but today, I am searching for a pancreas donor for myself,” he said.
Said saved his brother’s life by donating his kidney. His brother Ahmed survived and is still in good health.
In 2003, he donated a part of his liver to another brother. Now, Said is appealing for help to find a matching donor for himself.
“After working for a long time to encourage people to donate organs, today, I need real support to transplant pancreas as soon as possible,” he remarked.
After receiving chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s, his health began to deteriorate, and he suffered a stroke on his left side. Doctors performed a temporary operation on Said by removing two-thirds of his pancreas.
“I got out of 13 years of pain after the temporary surgery, but still the suffering never stopped. I have to transplant pancreas in the Philippines or China,” he revealed.
“The pancreas should be taken from a dead person within 72 hours. It is a very expensive operation,” he added.
Despite all his health issues, the one thing that remains constant is his optimistic outlook on life, one of the things his Twitter followers admire about him.
For people who are also going through the same problems, Said’s advice is simple, “Smile and be patient, because God will never forget them. “I got dozens of awards for my volunteering works.
“I joined the International Red Cross and Red Crescent societies in the Philippines to help hurricane victims. Now, I am asking for another chance in this life,” he stressed.