Probe underway after food poisoning report in Oman's Sohar

Oman Monday 23/October/2017 21:47 PM
By: Times News Service
Probe underway after food poisoning report in Oman's Sohar

Muscat: A health centre in Sohar has confirmed that it has dealt with more than 30 cases of apparent food poisoning after a number of citizens complained of feeling unwell after attending a wedding on Friday.
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“On Saturday, we received more than 10 cases of food poisoning and about 22 other cases on Sunday, all of which were similar,” said an official at the health centre.
“My wife, my mother, my sister and three of my sister’s daughters were unwell after eating dinner at a wedding here in Sohar. Their health was very bad and my mother is still suffering from pain in her stomach today,” said one of the groom’s cousins.
Another relative of two of the affected victims said they attended hospital, where doctors told them they had symptoms of food poisoning.
He said that symptoms were that of diarrhoea, vomiting and fever on Friday evening and Saturday morning.
An official in the public relations department of the events hall, where the wedding was held, said, “The competent authorities visited the hall yesterday and made sure of all health requirements, which proves that the food prepared for the wedding wasn’t the reason for the alleged poisoning cases.”
He added, “During the past five years, there have been no similar cases in our hall, and the news of cancelling the bookings and closing the hall are incorrect.
“In fact, there will be a birthday party held here tomorrow and another wedding on Friday.”