Ayaan Health Center receives excellence award

Roundup Monday 16/October/2017 18:02 PM
By: Times News Service
Ayaan Health Center receives excellence award

Muscat: Ayaan Health Center, a specialised medical centre in the fields of eye, ENT and dermatology, offering premium health care services of highest quality to patients was recently honoured with the prestigious Al Mar’a Excellence Award for ‘Excellence in Ophthalmology Services’ under the award category ‘Innovation In Health Services’.
Ayaan Health Center encompasses western best practices in medical care and true compassion of the Omani cultural values to provide a unique experience of true care and healing.
Ayaan Health Center being a foremost eye centre in Oman focuses on effective eyecare treatments with the use of latest technology and machines to even confronting the effects of diabetes. Diabetes is a global challenge and diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of vision loss among working age population. Over 30% of all diagnosed diabetics will suffer from the symptoms of diabetic retinopathy at some part of their lives. Early screening is crucial for preventing visual impairment.
Ayaan Health Center is specialised and fully facilitated in diagnosis, investigations and surgeries for the eye that include LASIK, PRK, cataract, glaucoma, refractive error corrections, corneal transplants, keratoconus treatments, retinal treatments, squint, etc. with the use of modern technologies and experienced doctors.
Ayaan Health Center – Muscat is fully equipped with the latest and modern technologies such as; 3D OCT, visual field analyser, specular microscopy, PASCAL Lasers, cosmetic laser hair removals, fractional acne lasers, endoscopy camera for ENT examinations, Intravitreal injections and facilities for conducting major ENT surgeries.
In terms of advancements in medical science, Ayaan Health Center doctrines in the use of the latest tools considering the rapid growth of innovation within medical technologies.
One such spectacular ophthalmic innovation was the introduction of the (i-Lasik treatment) in the Sultanate of Oman. This unique treatment process is the only technology for LASIK approved by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for their astronauts and by the US military forces, which is indeed a clear endorsement of this marvellous technology.
Ayaan Health Center is proud to endorse this technology and calls this ‘The Fingerprint LASIK’ as it is a diagnostic and treatment approach that lets us take a precise measurement of your eyes - like a fingerprint of your vision - and then provide you with truly personalised vision correction. No other wave front-guided mapping tool measures vision imperfections like (i-Design) technology. Better diagnoses gained through precise mapping, measuring and analyses mean a truly individualised treatment plan with best possible results.
“In accord with Oman’s national health policies and vision, Ayaan Health Center has associated its mission to uphold the right of every individual in Oman to live a healthy life and to enjoy perfect vision. Ayaan Health Center follows the patient-centric approach to ensure the continuation of best in class healthcare services and amenities for our patients,” said one of its officials.