Oman beauty: Tips for a perfect Halloween look

T-Mag Wednesday 04/October/2017 18:29 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman beauty: Tips for a perfect Halloween look

Sure, you’ll look ghoulish enough with all that Halloween makeup this year on October 31; but what we are trying to do here is give you a little advice so you can make the most of the day and not end up carrying that hideous look over to the next.

We’ve all battled them – colours that won’t come off, sore feet from ill-fitted footwear, and the worst of them all — breakouts and allergies. But it really doesn’t have to be that bad. Follow our little tips and you’ll be your dazzling self the next day. We promise, no one would tell the bright blue mutated avatar from last night, was you!

Test old and new products
We’re pretty certain you wouldn’t be resorting to your usual beauty kit for Halloween. If you are going to rummage through your drawers to pull out last year’s Halloween kit, make sure the products are still in a condition to be used. On the other hand, if you are thinking of experimenting with new products, it’s a good idea to try it in smaller quantities on the back of your hand to test for any allergic reactions a week or so before the final day.
Keep it on for the entire evening as it sometimes takes a more prolonged application for irritation to show up initially. If you are breakout-free even after taking it off, the product is good to go. It’s also helpful to know exactly how much effort you’ll have to put in cleaning yourself up at the end of the night.

Don’t compromise on brands
Going for a cheap alternative because ‘it’s just once a year’ isn’t advisable as the ill-effects of the chemicals in these products go beyond that one evening. Be extra cautious if you are using liquid latex products and make sure it’s from a brand you trust (look for the FDA mark).
Glitters are always hard to get off, but using good cosmetic-grade glitter instead of picking it out from your craft box will make it less harsh on your skin. If you’re going in for a complete body paint, remember that cheaper brands sometimes can lead to extreme dryness of the skin and clogged pores where the paint can settle for the next couple of days; so you might end up looking blue (quite literally) for a while.

Include moisturisers
Keeping skin hydrated fixes half the problems. Prepare your skin for the evening; because once you’ve painted yourself in unimaginable colours and worked up the perfect ghoulish do, you’re also going to be working pretty hard to get that gunk off. The result –really parched skin. Layer the skin with some extra moisturising cream before loading the makeup (especially face paint). Even while removing makeup, use a cotton ball to dab on some lotion before diving into the cleansing routine. It helps to hydrate the skin before the entire ordeal.

Colour and care
Is wacky hair a part of your Halloween costume? Your best option is going in for clip-on wigs instead of spraying those tresses a brilliant pink. However, if you are one of those who just loves how your natural hair feels, and prefer colouring to clip-ons, temporary hair colours that can be washed off are a good option too. They don’t generally damage hair and the colour comes off easy. The problem, however, happens when the colouring is combined with heat styling and hairsprays. Crazy chemicals and extra heat don’t do those tresses any good and can leave you with dry, brittle and dull locks. Always follow through with intense nourishing masks and frequent hair-oiling sessions for a couple of weeks after the mayhem.

Protect the peepers (and everything around it)
If you’re using any form of adhesives, latex or glitter, steer clear of the area around the eyes. The skin around this area is especially thin and can be more sensitive. Glitter is common on Halloween, but remember — no matter how well you stick it, there are always going to be a few flakes that will fall off. Having glitter on your forehead, eyebrows or lashes means it’s bound to get into those eyes. This can cause irritation especially if you are wearing contact lenses too. And we all know what watery eyes can do to all that makeup!

Uncomfortable clothing
Comfort is probably not the first attribute we look at when choosing a Halloween costume. Thigh-hugging spandex, belly-clenching corsets or knee-high boots that are two sizes smaller (but goes oh-so-well with that skirt) – we’ve all battled with our set of wardrobe discomforts. Carry a spare pair of shoes for the times you aren’t strutting around in your Halloween attire and use baby powder to reduce friction when slipping in and out of that rubbery costume.
Use the right makeup remover: Different products need to be tackled differently. Latex based makeup can be peeled off after washing with warm water and regular soap. Petroleum jelly helps to remove more stubborn face paint. Can’t get that glue off? Coconut oil can work wonders. However, sometimes, despite all the washing, some areas of the skin can still look a bit discoloured. A paste made out of baking soda and water can be used to counter this colour but can also make the skin very dry. Toothpaste and shaving cream are great alternatives and don’t dry out the skin as much. In short, be ready with ample amount of cotton balls, makeup removers, and wet wipes.

Halloween Makeup Tips:
And if you thought we’d just be rambling about what not to do, you were wrong! Here are some fun, quick and easy makeup tips you can incorporate.
lPick up the lightest shade of foundation and concealer to achieve that pale, vampire look.

lIf you are hesitant about red-lipstick, Halloween is the time you can experiment with all the reds fearlessly. You might even find a shade that you can carry forth to your everyday makeup.

lRed lipstick can also double as fake blood.

Want to know what else from your regular makeup box can double as Halloween makeup? That extensive eyeshadow palette (which has half the colours still untouched). Purples, browns and deep blues can be made to look like bruises. Just make sure the shadows are all matte finish. White-coloured contact lenses can change your entire look – making you look really, really scary. Don’t forget to seal the look with a makeup sealer; one with an extra long staying power. [email protected]