5 places in Muscat that are perfect for cycling

T-Mag Wednesday 27/September/2017 19:05 PM
By: Times News Service
5 places in Muscat that are perfect for cycling

Riding a bicycle is one of the first recreational activities that we learnt when we were children, and cycling was always fun with friends. A significant sport that contributes to a better and healthier lifestyle, there’s no better way to enjoy this two-wheeled sport than on the hilly roads of Oman.

How did this activity come to existence? Well, it all started in the 19th century when bicycles were made using material such as wood. The first bike with pedals was made in Scotland, followed by other inventors and developers in Paris. It started off as a toy for the rich, then became a common means of transport and then to more comfortable rides. Today, bicycles have evolved and have become more aerodynamic with safety breaks and helmets, which have made people from all walks of life enjoy this recreational activity, and most importantly has become a sport in itself.

Here in the Sultanate we have some of the best streets where you can have the ride of your life. You can ride while enjoying mountainous views of Qantab or on the busy streets of Qurum, either way you are guaranteed a dose of fat-burning fun.

If you happen to have no buddies to join you for a ride in the city, we got you covered. There are a few local clubs dedicated to cycling aficionados. My favourite is the Muscat Cycling, as they do many trips around the city and beyond. You’ll not only get to explore interesting places but also meet cool people in a community.

But if cycling with strangers isn’t your cup of tea then grab your bike and join your friends. Here are some favourite spots to pedal away the weekend.

1. Muttrah Corniche
Starting at Bait Al Baranda Museum, ride up to the Muttrah Corniche, all the way to Al Alam Palace in Old Muscat. This ride has challenging hills and beautiful oceanfront views.

2. Qantab Road
Qantab has one of the best and most challenging biking spots, thanks to the steep hills that require great stamina. From Wadi Kabir, start off on Al Bustan Street heading towards the Al Bustan Palace roundabout; turn to take Qantab road just before the roundabout. Ride straight up and down the mountains, passing a couple of roundabouts, until you reach the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah entrance.

3. Shatti Street
Hit Shatti Street in Qurum for a lively seaside ride. Start off at the Crowne Plaza and head down the hill, past the coffee shops on Love Street, and continue towards the Ministry of Foreign Affairs roundabout. Go left at the round about and turn right at the traffic light to get on Al Kharijiya Street. Ride past Bareeq Al Shatti and Al Masa Mall until you reach the Al Saroj petrol station.

4. Al Khoudh Street
The roads near Sultan Qaboos University are a popular route for an afternoon cycling session. Start off at the Mazoon Roundabout at Al Khoudh Street; pass the “book roundabout,” and ride all the way to the next and last roundabout, just before the Expressway. A left from there, leads you down another long road winding back to the SQU entrance number two, and continues to the Armed Forces Hospital.

5. 18 November Street
This long, straight, relatively flat street is popular among cyclists in Oman. Start at the Almouj roundabout in Al Hail and ride all the way to The Chedi Hotel in Al Ghubra. If you love pure, long distance biking, and don’t mind sharing the road with passing cars, then this is the best route in the city for working on speed.
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