Pick up your children on time after walkathon Oman Cancer Association urges parents

Energy Wednesday 06/September/2017 22:13 PM
By: Times News Service
Pick up your children on time after walkathon Oman Cancer Association urges parents

Muscat: Parents have been urged to pick up their children on time, following Oman Cancer Association (OCA) Walkathon.
“We will look after the children of the parents who are walking, in a modified nursery that we will include this year,” Dr. Wahid Al Kharusi, chairman of OCA, said.
Other modifications that will be added to this year’s Walkathon include: “The walk will start at exactly 4pm and end at 6:30pm, we have cut down the musical part of the walkathon to a minimum, also we have put up new programmes with children from schools, who will perform,” a spokesman said.
“We urge parents to please, please come and collect the children at the right time, not one two hours after that; we want to ensure the children’s safety but parents must help us, we have been asked by ROP to encourage dispersion because we notice that once it is dark, then there is always a problem,” Dr. Al
Kharusi said.
“These alterations were done to accommodate the requests of the association’s supporters,” added Dr. Al Kharusi.
“The 14th annual event will take place October 31, 2017 at the Qurum National Park at 4pm, where people will walk over three kilometres in support of those with cancer,” a spokesperson said.
“For the first time this year, guests who want to attend the walkathon can register, buy their T-shirts and get their raffle ticket altogether, and the proceeds will go to Dar Al Hanan—an association dedicated to helping young children with cancer.”
“OCA takes pride in providing high-quality shirts, so they can act as a tool for awareness for up to seven years,” Dr. Asyah Al Bualy, a member of the OCA board said.
In accordance with the association’s October 2017 Pink Ribbon Initiative, the association will set up stands in five malls, every weekend.
“Both city centres, Avenues mall, Ramez mall and Grand mall. We are currently training volunteers to answer questions diligently,” Dr. Al Khaursi said.
“There will be a clinical breast examination room, the room will be private. It aims to teach women how to self-examine,” added Dr. Al Kharusi.
“We started the annual walkathons two years after the association was established, we started with 270 in the first walkathon and last year’s we had 7,500,” the spokesperson added.