Great public response to Omani Products Exhibition at Salalah Tourism Festival 2017

Oman Sunday 27/August/2017 21:30 PM
By: Times News Service
Great public response to Omani Products Exhibition at Salalah Tourism Festival 2017

Salalah: An Omani Products Exhibition, which is currently being held at the Municipality Recreation Centre in Itin, Salalah, is receiving a great response from the public.
Organised by the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE) as part of Origin Oman Campaign, the exhibition aims at introducing the locally manufactured products to visitors from various segments and nationalities in the Governorate of Dhofar.
“The feedback from the visitors is overwhelming,” noted Hamood Al Balushi, Director of Omani Products’ Department at PEIE’s Directorate General of Marketing and Media.
“The visitors have been giving positive views on the exhibition, which will eventually develop this event in a positive way during the coming period,” Al Balushi added.
Meanwhile, the visitors to the exhibition from various Gulf, Arab and international countries, in addition to the Omanis, expressed their contentment to witness the quality of Omani products that are showcased at the exhibition.
Abdullah Al Marri from Qatar pointed out that the Omani products are beautifully displayed at the event in such a way that it conveys a quick message on how the local companies and factories operate, produce and import to local and foreign markets.
“I have tried a number of Omani products during my presence here including food products. I believe that this is the right time for the Omani companies to boost their production and marketing processes,” Al Marri said.
Dhishan from Pakistan who works in Oman hailed the government’s efforts in supporting the locally manufactured products.
“Such exhibitions play a significant role in contributing to the promotion of the local products. It is overwhelming to witness more than 40 local companies and factories from different governorates of the Sultanate under one platform. Besides, I always go for locally manufactured food products for their great quality throughout my stay in Oman,” he pointed out.
Salim Al Rashdi, a visitor to the exhibition, stated that Omani companies and factories need to increase production so that they can reach different countries worldwide.
On his part, Ali Al Rashdi, said, the awareness of the consumer is increasing gradually on the importance of purchasing Omani products.
“I strongly believe that the locally manufactured products have the capability to compete with other products and be present in local and foreign markets alike,” Al Rashdi added.
It should be mentioned that PEIE aspires through organising Omani Products’ Exhibitions to raise awareness on the locally manufactured products and services and their ability to compete locally and abroad simultaneously.
The Origin Oman Campaign is a national initiative designed to encourage consumers and organisations to buy Oman made goods and services, promote national pride in the manufacturing industry and highlight the economic importance of choosing and buying locally manufactured products and services.