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T-Mag Wednesday 12/July/2017 18:36 PM
By: Times News Service
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Undercover John Cena

If you are a John Cena fan, then you will definitely enjoy this video where John Cena, logs in to to all of his social media and web accounts and replies to questions from fans and skeptics proving that he is actually John Cena. He goes undercover (kinda) on twitter, quora, yahoo answers, reddit, youtube, and even Wikipedia.

Eminem's Discovery

All you Stans, be prepared for some legit goosebumps. This is a mini-documentary on how Dr Dre discovered Eminem with some rare footage from his amateur rap battle days. Dr Dre and Eminem narrate how they felt about each other and explain the legendary rappers journey.

A Year In The Life of a Tree

National Geographic tracked a tree for a year by means of a fixed camera and had some interesting scenes for the world to see. Through different seasons, with different visitors, this tree in Molise National Park, Italy seems to have had an eventful year.