OmanPride: Indian feminist blogger writes to inspire young women

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By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Indian feminist blogger writes to inspire young women

In Oman, stories of extraordinary women and their talents surface every day, which is just the kind of encouragement that helps one appreciate and understand women’s rights in a society. Mehreen Shaikh is one of them: The 25-year-old women’s rights advocate and blogger from India is on a quest to educate young ladies on the importance of standing up for their fellow sisters. Growing up in India and Oman, Mehreen realised the similarities between the two nations when it came to women’s rights, but said the situation was taking a turn for the positive, pointing to the genuine efforts that were being made to bring women to the forefront in both countries.

It struck a sensitive chord in the blogger’s heart and made her start a new journey of becoming a feminist and helping her shine light on issues concerning young women. She took an interest in gender studies and educated herself in the field, before starting a blog and sharing her views. “I try to contribute to as many pro-women portals, websites and blogs as I can and maintain my blog simultaneously. Either way, I’m always enveloped in the realms of reading and writing,” said Mehreen.

Her approach to feminism lies in injecting confidence into young women through her blog and her online presence. “I found my way of reaching out to women of my age by simply blogging and documenting my day to day experience,” said Mehreen, adding that, “for sisterhood to be universally strong, we should be able to uplift our fellow sisters with a sense of compassion, and mutually respect and support each other; that is the foundation of feminism”.

The blogger also expressed her method of changing traditional mindsets, by looking up to women who have made their marks under difficult circumstances. “It really does make me proud that women in Oman are claiming their space day by day. We’re on track but there is still a long way to go. Since women are already taking up challenging industries in the country, we could perhaps push it a bit further to acquire the perfect balance.”

The young blogger could not stress enough on the importance of building a stronger bond between women themselves, as it is of great importance. “We can’t be equal when our bonds of sisterhood are not strong enough. We should be there for our fellow sisters regardless of what their choices are, uplift them when required and support them without any judgement,” she added.

On her blog, you will find feminism-inspired stories, book reviews that range from interesting to serious novels on women’s rights, as well as relatable materials and issues that young women face in today’s world. At the top of her bucket list is publishing a book that will be a guide for her fellow sisters. There is one word for people with such determination. “Bravo!”
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