Try zip lining at Millennium Resort Mussanah in Oman

T-Mag Wednesday 05/July/2017 15:49 PM
By: Times News Service
Try zip lining at Millennium Resort Mussanah in Oman

When asked about the one superpower that I would like to have, my answer has always been the ability to fly. Something about challenging gravitational force and the feeling of sweet freedom while feeling the swift breeze has always lured me towards doing activities that bring me close to flying.

So I was (figuratively) on cloud nine when I got to know that the nation’s first zipline was coming to Oman. And the cherry on the cake was that it was in a beautiful hotel set against a breathtaking backdrop. So one weekend I decided to drive to Mussanah, which contrary to popular belief, isn’t too far from Muscat. On reaching and being thoroughly impressed by the Millennium Resort Mussanah, I walked straight towards the vast marina that the entire complex was built on. Frantically searching for the zipline due to my uncontainable excitement, I finally spotted the tall tower that reassuringly held the 175m long zipline cable. I had to wait for the sun to go down before getting to experience it, though, while the general manager of the resort eagerly shared his passion for adventure sports and his keenness to bring different activities to Oman, considering the potential of this gorgeous country.

The zipline was the first of his many ambitious adventure endeavours, having given the utmost importance to technical and safety details. The resort’s team are fully trained and certified to the highest international standards by Arrampica, a UK based adventure sport service provider.

As the sun turned little less harsh, I climbed the tower, adrenaline already gushing through my system. I was greeted warmly by the staff, who gave me a few quick instructions before securing me in the harness, safety belts, and helmet. I climbed another flight of stairs, which was where the starting point of the zipline was. Considering I had put on a few pounds in the last few months, I was a little worried if the cable would be able to take my weight. But that turned out to be a pointless concern as, apparently, this cable could hold a 10 ton truck.

I was at the very edge of the tower, knees bent, with the widest grin on my face, when I suddenly felt a gentle push from behind me and there I was, mid air, arms wide open and flying free. I could feel the warm wind brush against my skin and the thrilling speed ramped up my adrenaline. I zoomed over the huge swimming pool, across the park, watching the gorgeous marina on my right. But just before I was helped out of this joy ride by the team that was waiting for me, there was a sudden jerky brake that made me squeal and then laugh, putting a great stop to my 10 second thrill that felt like at least a few minutes of absolute fun. And that is how this zipline gets ticked off my bucket list of adventure sports that I was fortunate to try in beautiful Oman. [email protected]

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