Phoenix flights cancelled due to heat wave

T TV Wednesday 21/June/2017 13:21 PM
By: Times News Service

With temperatures likely to reach 120 degrees Farenheit in Phoenix, American Airlines on Tuesday cancelled 43 inbound and outbound flights. Colette Luke reports.
In Phoenix this week, it's not just's baking.
"A heat wave isn't really a good way to describe it, it's more like a heat attack."
It was 113 degrees in the city at lunchtime on Tuesday and the temperature is expected to creep higher.
At Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport, American Airlines canceled 43 inbound and outbound flights. Seven were canceled on Monday... American says passengers can rebook their flights or get full refunds...
Captain Reda Bigler from the Phoenix Fire Department is warning locals to take extra precaution...
"People can go right from what they think is heat exhaustion to symptoms of a heat stroke which is actually a fatal illness."
Phoenix is no stranger to extreme heat. The all-time high temperature was 122 degrees in June 1990... Residents in Phoenix are hoping that no new records are about to be set...