Wellness in Oman: Garlic and its many benefits

Lifestyle Saturday 27/February/2016 17:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Wellness in Oman: Garlic and its many benefits

Helps you to Lose Weight
Garlic helps us in losing weight. According to recent research, garlic may help to regulate the formation of fat cells in our body by converting pre-adipocytes to fat cells (adipocytes) by preventing the conversion.
Keeps your BP in Check
Add garlic to your daily meals to control your blood pressure. You can also eat one pod of raw garlic on an empty stomach. It’s a safe natural therapy to curb hypertension as garlic has allicin which relaxes the blood vessels, thus reducing the pressure.
Prevents Clot Formation
The anti-clotting properties of ajoene found in garlic help in preventing the formation of blood clots in the body. This is good for people with heart ailments and those prone to suffering from a stroke and other clotting disorders.
Keeps Infection Away
Garlic controls bacterial, viral, fungal, yeast, and worm infections. Fresh garlic prevents food poisoning by killing bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella enteritidis and many others. Various scientific studies have confirmed the anti-fungal effects of garlic.
Protects your Heart
With age, your arteries tend to lose their ability to stretch and garlic can help maintain their elasticity. It also helps protect the heart from the damaging effects of free oxygen radicals.
Reduces Bad Cholesterol
The allicin present in garlic helps moderately lower our blood triglycerides and total cholesterol. This compound also helps reduce arterial plaque formation.
Treats Throat Infection
The daily use of garlic might reduce the frequency and number of colds. Its antibacterial properties help in treating throat irritations. Garlic may also reduce the severity of upper respiratory tract infections.
Relieves Toothache
It can help relieve toothaches due to its antibacterial and analgesic properties. But be aware that it can be irritating to the gum. Simply put some crushed garlic clove directly on the affected [email protected]