Expat students in Oman excel in Indian school board's Class XII exam

Oman Sunday 28/May/2017 20:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Expat students in Oman excel in Indian school board's Class XII exam

Muscat: Students throughout Oman’s Indian schools have made their institutions proud after a stellar showing in this year’s final examinations for Class XII.
Indian School Muscat led the way, as Aadilmehdi Sanchawala from the Science stream topped the school with 97.4 per cent, Bhakti Bhushan Kolwadkar, Dannel Jacob and Gowri Lekshmy shared the second position with a score of 96.2 per cent and third place went to Snehaa Ganesh with a score of 96 per cent.
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In the Commerce stream, Varshini Ramesh emerged as a topper with a score of 96.8, Simran Panesar stood second with 96.4 per cent and Jeena Reeba James and Visalakshi Subramanian secured the third position at 95.2 per cent, while the Humanities stream saw Rohan Gopal topwith 89 per cent, Bhavishya Shanmuga Sundaram score 87 per cent and Yawmathul Varham recorded a 86.6 per cent.
In addition, Karunya Sivakumar (Chemistry), Varshini Ramesh (Mathematics) and Kunal Sinha and Keerthana Krishnakumar (Engineering Graphics) all secured 100 per cent marks in these subjects.
At Indian School Al Ghubra, Thejas Sasikumar from the Science stream earned 97.2 per cent and topped the list, followed by Aditya Deepak and Priyanka Dasgupta scoring 97 per cent in second position and Abha Abhay Wadjikar, Nechal Maggon and Amartya Jagdish Naik with 96 per cent in third.
The top position in the Commerce stream has been awarded to Durva J Mahale with 97.8 per cent, followed by Dipesh Halder with 95.8 per cent and Kavya Kasiraman with 95.4 per cent. The highlight of this year’s achievement at ISG was a 100 per cent, scored by Tejas Sasikumar in Mathematics, Priyanka Dasgupta and Palandira Ponnanna Bopaiah in Engineering Graphics and Durva J Mahale in Accountancy.
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Students at Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir also passed with flying colours. Sabareenath Madhusoothanan has topped the list of students with 97.2 per cent, followed by Mohammed Afnan scoring 96.6 per cent and Greeshma E. Jose and Nabiha Mahmoud receiving an impressive 96.2 per cent. Sabareenath Madhusoothanan also scored 100 per cent in Mathematics.
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From the Commerce stream, Akshaya Balaji Mohan stood first with 95.8 per cent, followed by Jyotsna Andrea D’souza with 95.6 per cent in second. Ranked third with an aggregate of 94.8 per cent was Elizabeth Kuruvilla.
At Indian School Darsait, Swetha Madhan from the Commerce stream led the way with 95.4 per cent, followed by Hiba Ishaq with 94.6 per cent, while Swamith Ashokan finished in third with 91.6 per cent. From the Science stream Daison Darlan top-scored with 94.6 per cent, Pavanjeeth Balakrishnan earned second with 93. 8 per cent and Sachin John Thomas came in third with 92.4 per cent.
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At Indian School Al Muladha, Anna Maria George secured first position with an aggregate of 93.6 per cent, followed by Afrah Abdul Rasheed, who received 91.8 per cent. Neha Bhatia took the third position with an aggregate of 91.2 per cent, while in the Commerce stream Vishakha Sharma secured the top position, followed by Harsha Motwani. The third position was earned by Afeef P Sirajudeen.
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In Oman’s Dhofar Governorate, students from Indian School Salalah also performed well. In the Science stream, Imtiazuddin Gazi, Kanika Dilip Ashar and Anushka Srivastava topped the school with 95.2 per cent, followed by Fathima Zaheer with 94.6 per cent, and Dhiraj Kumar with 94.4 per cent.
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In the Commerce stream, Nahan Naser led the way with 90.6 per cent, followed by Jerusha Sheba Maben, 89.8 per cent, and Nimra Ahmed at 89 per cent.
The students from Oman’s Indian Schools were congratulated by school management, Principal and staff members for their excellent showing in this year’s exams.