'Investigation ongoing', says bus crash firm

Energy Saturday 29/April/2017 14:39 PM
By: Times News Service
'Investigation ongoing', says bus crash firm

Muscat: Officials from Salalah Line Transport, the company that owns the passenger coach involved in death crash, say it is too early to comment on how the crash happened and that they are working to establish the cause.
“As most of the people were sleeping, we don’t know whether it was the fault of the bus driver or the truck. Investigations are going on to ascertain the cause of the accident,” an official said.
Two people - both drivers - died and seven were left critically injured when the company's bus collided with a truck in Haima, Oman.
Dozens more were injured in the crash, in the early hours of Friday. The bus was heading to Salalah from Muscat when tragedy struck.
The drivers of the bus and truck both died in the impact and passengers - many of them asleep at the time - were thrown from their seats.
The coach company spokesman added that the road where the accident happened is single carriageway with no divider and that this would form part of their investigation.
A large portion of the Muscat to Salalah road is single carriageway.
After Adam, until Thumrait, the road does not have a dual carriageway and has seen a large number of accidents in recent years.
Eighteen people died and 14 others were injured when a Salalah-Dubai passenger bus collided with a truck and a car in Ibri on March 1, 2016.
Seven people died and 27 more were hurt when a bus heading to Salalah collided with a car in July 2015.
In November 2015 two people were killed when their vehicle collided with another vehicle in Ibri Fahud road.
In August 2015 an Indian expatriate died when the car he was driving lost control and overturned near Ibri.
In September 2013 a saloon car ended up under the wheels of a trailor and two people died in the wreck, near Fahud.
In 2002, a bus carrying construction workers plunged off a mountain road near Salalah, killing 46 and injuring at least 8 others.