No exports of rotten meat from Brazil to Oman, assures embassy

Oman Tuesday 04/April/2017 22:45 PM
By: Times News Service
No exports of rotten meat from Brazil to Oman, assures embassy

Muscat: No rotten meat has been exported from Brazil to the Sultanate, the Embassy of Oman in Brazil assured the public on Tuesday.
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The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has continued its efforts to control Brazilian meat imports in light of recent investigations, including its coordination with the Embassy of Oman in Brazil.
The ministry had earlier released an official statement detailing efforts made by the Sultanate, which was in light of the Brazilian police investigation of factories and associations that were reportedly producing rotten meat in the Republic of Brazil.
In the official statement, the ministry said it has been coordinating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Embassy of Oman in Brazil.
The Embassy of Oman definitively assured the public in the ministry’s statement that according to Brazil’s Minister of Agriculture, there have not been any exports of spoiled meat to the Sultanate.“There has been no approval over exports of meat from the factories involved in the current police investigations and meat controversy,” the embassy explained.
The embassy added that the Federation of Muslim Associations in Brazil has also assured the public that Halal meat is under constant and strict scrutiny, with regards to both exporting standards and Halal certification standards.
Any meat imports from Brazil to the country have been under close inspection by the Ministry, and have to undergo strict testing to ensure health standards. New licenses for import from Brazil have been refused, and any shipments forwarded with new licenses have been terminated.
"The Ministry is closely following the investigations, and guarantees the safety and security of all imports to the Sultanate," the statement also read.