Oman wellness: Understanding Marma Therapy

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Oman wellness: Understanding Marma Therapy

Marma points are positions on the body where muscles, veins, arteries, nerves, tendons, bones, and joints meet. They may also be described as the junctions where Vayu, Pitta meet; where Sattwa, Rajas, and Tamas meet; these are the points that could be used to heal or harm. There are 107 main Marma points in our body and these are distributed all over the body, each relating to a different organ or tissue.

In simple words Marma sthanas are the points through which Prana — vital life force or energy — flows in the body. The blocks that are formed in these energy channels of the body due to emotions and subtler feelings are the cause of many diseases. An ancient technique of healing from Vedic traditions, Marma is a very gentle form of bodywork that enhances the free flow of Prana (life force) by releasing these blocks and revitalises the entire system.

Marma Therapy is gentle touch or light massage on these points which balances the flow of Prana, increases energy, enhances vitality, and gives total relaxation.
The most restorative treatment for the body and mind, Marma works on the subtle energy points by opening up the energy channels, which in turn works on many levels of the physical, mental, and subtle body. It releases stress and disease reversing towards good health and is highly beneficial to re-energise and provide a proper flow of energy within the body.

Doctors at Sri Sri Ayurveda are especially trained in this unique Marma Therapy and have healed many over the years.

Pre requisites:
• Consulting an Ayurveda doctor is always advised before undergoing Marma Therapy.
•Can be taken by almost everyone (prior consultation advisable).
• Should be done on a light stomach, with loose comfortable clothing.

(45 minutes to 1 hour)
• Marma practitioner will take you to a peaceful room with some dim lights and relaxing music in the background.
• As the therapy doesn’t involve any massage or oil application, so there is no need of undressing.
• After explaining the therapy, the practitioner asks you to lie down and is ready to take you to a journey never explored by you - a state of deep relaxation.

• Removes blocks in channels/ nadis so heals both subtle and gross body.
• Pacifies Vata dosha
• Detoxifies mind, also releases deep seated trauma.
• Creates physical, mental, and emotional flexibility.
• Increases Prana or the life force.
• Effective in reducing blood pressure, anxiety neurosis, sleeplessness, migraine headaches, and stress related health issues.
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